Tierra Torture XC SR- Santa Fe

This was an Omnium race this year with a Short Track Saturday, and a XC race Sunday. I had a totally crappy start on Saturday morning in the PRO/1 class. Ending up at the back trying to pass, pass, pass.

By the time I ran out of riders to pass, there was all ready a group of riders off the front! I ended up racing hard and rotating pulls with another Pro rider, Micah, for 6 laps. The race was supposed to be around 30 minutes, but we ended up getting over 45 minutes of full gas riding. The coarse was perfect for short track. ABout 3/4 doubletrack (1/2 of which is really soft, and the other track hard pack), and the rest twisty single track, with tricky turns.

Micah and I ended up in the top 10 overall, and I was second in the Cat 1 30-39 group.

After my warmup Sunday morning, I knew I was in for some pain. The legs were pretty cooked from the Short Track, and the hillclimb I did in Durango on Thursday. Yes, I am training through this race!

The XC course was well marked. Thank goodness, because there was so many turns, climbs, and fast decents, I didn’t know where I was. It took till the 3rd lap to really get a feel for how far away the start/finish area was. This was very important information on that last lap! The legs were really tired on the climbs, and I knew I was loosing time there. I just went as hard as possible. In the end Jay English (Mountain Top) passed me on the last lap to bump me into a 3rd place Cat 1 finish. I was actually surprised I did that well in the results. It is a really fun and challenging XC coarse. I saw many riders with injuries afterward. There are many spots that you can wipe out if your not paying attention. I certainly had a few close calls.

On a side note, John Stadick raced the XC on Sunday also. It was his first MTB race in over 15 years!


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