Alien Run MTB XC

I tried out the new 3D Racing AL Singlespeed at the local annual Alien Run mountain bike race today. Looks like a good turnout, about 150 participants I would guess, including Travis Brown. Fortunately Travis was racing the geared bike today!

About 15 Singlespeeders were mixed in witht the PRO/1 Field for the mass start. I was running a 32 X 17 gear on my 3D 29er, with Geax Saguaro 2.2 tubeless to help with the bumpy rock slab sections. The start went up a smooth oil field road uphill and down to a bottleneck single track. I was spinning my gear very fast to try and keep a good place into the trail. I ended up in the top 15, and passed a few geared riders. I knew I was having a good race in the first 15 minutes; the legs were feeling STRONG! What a great feeling!

At the finish, my time was 1:46 hours. Good enough for 1st in the SS class! Schweeet! Not bad for my first SS race. It did help to know the twisty, and sometimes sandy trail though.

The owner of Cottonwood Cycles (Sponsor), Ralph also did well to take 2nd in the Masters XC.

There were a couple Pro times around 1:35! 25 miles in 1:35? Crazy!

Next race is Tierra Torture in Santa Fe. We’ll see if I wanna try SS or geared at that one.


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