2009 Squawker Race- Durango

9 Laps around FLC campus, with a steep climb every lap. I lined up for the P,1,2,3 USCF race to see Travis Brown, Chris Wherry, and many Cat 1 riders among the starters. There were about 40 in the field.

The first two laps weren’t too bad, we hit the steep climb and held pace, with no accelerations. The third lap was when the Pro’s got bored, and went full gas up the climb, blowing the field into smaller groups. Kenny Wehn ended up about 10 seconds ahead of me, latched onto the second group. I was in no man’s land, and didn’t have the strength to bridge. Over the next two laps I set a hard pace, hoping a group from behind would come up to help. By the sixth lap, a couple DWC riders caught me, and I jumped on.

The next time up the hill, the legs were cooked, and I had to let my small group roll away from  me. I set a moderate pace for the last two laps, and caught one rider who was completely cracked before the finish line. 45 miles in 2:11. ABout 20 MPH average.

I’m still waiting on the results. I think Kenny did quite well, and a lot of riders quit early.  I am very happy that the weather opened up on Sunday to get this workout in. My legs really needed some racing!

Shantelle Peirce was also racing in this mens/womens field. She finished, but I don’t know if they will separate the gender classes.


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