Valley of the Sun 2009- Courtney

It’s nice to come back to racing a bike after a two year hiatus!  I was a bit on the nervous side because of that fact…  Would I be dropped, would I be dropped, would I be dropped kept racing through my mind.  But, luckily from a little experience I reminded myself to relax and do the best I could…  I did and here are the results….

Fri. Feb. 13th TT:  4th Place/22k…  Know my time was slow and will actually use my TT bars next time….  So early in the season…  At least I wasn’t last….  Had a lot of fun, but know there is more in me…

Sat. Feb 14th RR:  35+ and cat 4 women rode together which was nice because I think there were only 8 women in my field…  (35+ that is).  Felt fine the entire time…  Stayed on the GC leaders tale the entire race…  Blew my position a bit in the final sprint, a lot of cat4 gals almost crashed into me and some put on their brakes…  Not conducive to a safe race…  ughhhh….  Anyway, I got 3rd…  Not to bad considering I am not a climber…lol…  I felt like the race was a bit on the slow side, but wasn’t going to waste a bit of energy…  Went off the front a few times to see if I could get anything started, but the entire peleton wanted to be in a break….  It was fun..

Sun. Feb 15th:  Knew I wouldn’t be able to make up my minute and change deficit in the crit, but did my best…  The 35+ women decided to NOT race with the cat4 women..  We knew there would be a crash…  There were..  2 actually..  So our race started with 8 women..  the top four, including myself broke away right away…  seemed like the gc leader and this other gal had a plan..  our pace was higher than anything we had done the entire race…  Ultimately it came down to the slightly uphill finish and I had ZERO sprint…  I was passed by one gal and got 4th…  Was a bit frustrated because this was my specialty in the past… 


The race overall was a great opportunity for me to learn where I am race wise.  I am ready to ride with the cat3 women for sure in my next race..  I need to work on TT without a doubt and increase power over distance…  I hade a GREAT TIME and felt like the race was put together nicely!!!!!

Courtney T.

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