1st Win of 2009- El Paso Puzzler

It was 6:12 hrs of rocky, knarly trails, but the 2009 EPP is in the bag. I led the race until Jennifer Tribe-Wilson (Titus/WTB, PRO women) passed me going up the loose and steep Mundy’s Gap climb, at about 3-1/2 hrs. She ended up putting 14 minutes on me at the finish. I was crawling, and walking the last few climbs, believing somone’s gonna catch me.

I think everyone was hurtin’ at that point. I’ve got serious chammy burn now, and the whole body is sore. This endurance race is extremely challenging! You have be be alert the whole race. One false move, and your in a cholla, or prickly pear cactus. The cacti are right on the side of the narrow, rocky trail, so its real easy to get poked.

A befitting Trophy
A befitting Trophy

Special Recognition to Dave and the BMBA crew. They had volunteers all over the course, and it was organized quite well. Dave and Jen (yes that WTB/Titus Pro rider is his wife!) are swell people.

Special Shout-Out to Ralph and Pete at our bike shop, Cottonwood Cycles, in Farmington. They provided my 29er GEAX 2.2 TNT Saguaros tires that worked very well, with no problems. They also provide my Hammer Nutrition products too! Hey Pete: the Thompson Masterpiece seatpost works great!!

The GF Superfly took a lot of rock punishment today, so I’ll have to give it a good look over to make sure it’s ok. Lots of rocks smacking the downtube and chainstays. I couldn’t see anything obvious after the ride.

Update: I’ve inspected the bike, and there’s not even a scratch on the downtube! Looks like the Superfly handled the rocks well!

I need some days off, I don’t think I can even sit on a bike seat anyway.


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